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We are beyond the framework

Precisely Even the smallest piece of the puzzle has to fit our projects. 
Profoundly We go through in-depth analysis and draw conclusions for further work efficiency
Comprehensively We keep in mind a lot of aspects and operate on the basis of induction and deduction

Charge us by using your energy!

Join our team! Work with us! Your potential is our strength, let's activate it TOGETHER!  

For one of your questions: Is it worth joining KFE HOLDING team? we can answer now! By choosing our offer you are able to develop yourself, get to know valuable people who might share their enthusiasm with you. We guarantee you working in a pleasant atmosphere.

We are looking for motivated people to strengthen our team

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Proffesion Country Company ID number
Administrative Assistant with Portuguese language Rzeszow, Poland Rzeszow, Poland KomFort KF/17/PAJP More
Specialist. Data Analysis Rzeszów, Polska Rzeszów, Polska KomFort KF/09/SAD More
Administrative employee of the Dutch language Undefined, Belgia Undefined, Belgia KomFort KF/09/PAJN More
Sales representative of the French language Gent, Belgia Gent, Belgia Orimat OR/09/PHJF More
Technical coordinator Belgium Undefined, Belgia Undefined, Belgia KomFort KF/09/KT More
Specialist. Monitoring and debt collection Rzeszów/Biłgoraj, Polska Rzeszów/Biłgoraj, Polska KomFort KF/09/SMWN More
Specialist. Costing Rzeszów, Polska Rzeszów, Polska KomFort KF/09/SK More
SEM Specialist Rzeszów, Polska Rzeszów, Polska CePromo SM1/01/16 More
New Business / Account Manager Warszawa, Polska Warszawa, Polska CePixel AE3/01/15 More
Sales representative in the advertising industry Rzeszów, Polska Rzeszów, Polska CePixel AE2/02/14 More
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Our offices

Poland, Rzeszów

The capital of polish innovations is important for us. We grew up here, still improving our pros and working on the cons! 

France, Paris

Find us in the capital of the world of architecture, fashion, entertainment, culture and science. Let's go for a walk around the Eiffel Tower!

Belgium, Bruxelles

Brussels is associated with chocolate and beautiful buildings. It's a city in which you can relax. We like this place, don't you?

Germany, Berlin

In the capital of Germany a lot of important worldwide companies has their headquarters. That's why we have to be there!

Poland, Warsaw

We are at the biggest city in our country. We "fall in love with Warsaw". Maybe we will meet there? 

Poland, Biłgoraj

We are also in small cities with future perspectives! Biłgoraj is a town located in north - eastern part of Poland.